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Building Lasting Relationships Through Open Communication


Responsive Communication

Pease & Co. is dedicated to having responsive communication with all of our clients. We know how frustrating it can be to get generic responses to important topics or situations. Our goal is to ensure that our communication caters to you and your specific needs. We want you to feel like you are a priority, as if you were our own family.

Your Needs Are Our Needs

Pease & Co.  is continuously heartbroken when there is poor communication and action taken on behalf of customers and clients. Here at Pease & Co., we have seen first hand what happens when tenants and owners needs are not taken seriously, or simply, when they feel like they are unimportant such as getting maintenance done in a timely manner for things like leaking pipes, washer & dryer malfunctions, heater maintenance for a family when the heater is not working in the winter time etc.

Relationships & Efficiency

Through building a relationship with you and using up to date technology we plan to remedy the communication error we often see in property management. Our owners and tenants are our number one priority. In order to ensure and show that is true, we need to have clear communication where someone can be contacted when needed. Whether you have entrusted us with your investment or your newly rented home, you are family, and deserve to have a management company that puts you first and advocates for you on your behalf.

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